Josh Faber's Advice on How to Survive the Holidays with Your Family

Here's how the internet can help you ignore family squabblings during your thanksgiving break:

You start off with some thanksgiving day content


and then in the corner of your eye a recommended video appears


At this point uncle Larry has gotten into the second case of Budweiser and your room is the only safe-haven between you and failed college stories of when he was your age

How to Increase Your Wi-Fi Signal

You then want to see what your high school friends have been up to since college life has started

Punk Rockers Can't Dance

and it all gets topped off, as it always seems to, by a wacky commercial

Giga Pudding

[editor's note: This would have been more relevant last week but my gmail account is out to get me and sent Josh's emails to spam. There is still plenty more family time to come this holiday season, so I'm sure the advice will still help.]