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WBAR and Barnard Zine Club are celebrating the release of their collaborative zine. It's issue 3 of Barnard Zine Club's Sticks and Stones zine series, and the first WBAR zine in almost a decade! Come to the Hive at 7PM on Friday to get your copy.

There will also be a showcase of live music!

> Hoarders (http://wearehoarders.bandcamp.com/)

>> KD Lite (http://wdkm.wordpress.com/)

>>> Arm Candy (mems Pure Trance, Trevor Won't)

>>>> Miguel Gallego and Madeline Steinberg (http://miguelgallego.bandcamp.com/ || http://madelinesteinberg.bandcamp.com/)

>>>>> Ace of Cake (http://soundcloud.com/aceofcake)

and an exhibit put on by Barnard Zine Club of music zines held in the Barnard Zine Library's collection.

More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/195812910521049/

and here's the beautiful cover of the zine, made by WBAR's own Carey Dunne!

Interested in Getting More Involved with WBAR???

Staff Applications are available for three positions: Tech Director, College Rock Music Director, and Folk/World Music Director. Applications are due this Friday, February 10 at 5PM, and you can find them here.

WBAR is ON THE AIR for the Spring Semester

Hey yall! We're on the air with ~150 DJs (ya seriously) and a full week of programming. Also we're archiving again! Click on "Archives" for some of that. Stay posted for upcoming in-studios and events WBAR will be bringing you from now until May.

Spring 2012 Show Applications are up!

Applications to have a radio show this spring are now up and are due January 28th at 8pm! Be sure to sing in first if you have an account before filling out the application, if you don't have an account yet don't worry about it, just apply!



WBAR Barnard College Radio and the Barnard Zine Club are collaborating to make a music-related zine to be published this spring. This will be WBAR's first zine in almost a decade! Get excited and get involved!

We're asking for submissions (poetry, prose, comics, artwork, concert/album reviews, haikus, etc.) from YOU--WBAR DJ's, members of the CU community, WBAR alumni, musicians, zinesters, Barnard-zinesters & assorted randos not necessarily affiliated with WBAR or CU and interested in contributing to a zine.

Send in your music-related submissions (or cover designs) to wbarzine@gmail.com before JANUARY 29th with the subject line "submission" or "cover." Please limit your submission to one 8 1/2 x 11 in. page.


More information will be made available next semester about our joint zine release party/student showcase.

Write/draw/craft/whatever your zine submission over winter break and submit it to wbarzine@gmail.com.

Download past editions of WBAR's Static Zine (Vol's 1 and 4) for inspiration here:

Vol 1: http://mediafire.com/?zoda3f9y3aswyva

And here:

Vol 4: http://mediafire.com/?vf2dlpqzp4mm8z4

Natalie’s Top 5 Christmas Number Ones

In the U.K., the race for Christmas number one was once a fiercely contested chart battle. Come December, record companies would be shoving front-running songs down the necks of radio stations, their respective artists recording putrid festive music videos for the screen. I distinctly recall sitting down in a Santa hat to watch Top of the Pops, waiting to find out who had won. There have been some true gems over the years, and these are my favourites.

1. Spice Girls “2 Become 1”
Literally the sound of my childhood. At age 21, I’ve literally only just got the euphemism.

2 Become 1

2. 2001 – Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman “Somethin’ Stupid”
When Nicole Kidman was still married to Tom Cruise and riding the wave of Moulin Rouge success, and before Robbie Williams got fat.

Somethin' Stupid

3. 2002 – Girls Aloud “Sound of the Underground”
It’s probably a good thing that most of America has no idea who these girls are. Girls Aloud were the peak (or pit) of reality TV, matching outfits and choreographed dance moves.

Sound of the Underground

4. 2004 – Band Aid 20 “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”
There’s nothing like a bit of super-group charity song action to get people in the festive spirit. Featuring U.K. talent like Bono, Chris Martin and Dizzee Rascal, this song also historicises the since-forgotten Sugababes, Jamelia and Dido. Spot Thom Yorke on the keys at 0.59!

Do They Know It's Christmas?

5. 2009 – Rage Against the Machine “Killing in the Name Of”
Perhaps the most unlikely band to ever become Christmas number one, Rage topped the charts after a successful Facebook group campaign, of which I was most definitely a member.

Killing in the Name Of

GOTH PROM 1986 is THIS SATURDAY, December 3rd

Doors open at 7PM! Come early!

Free corsages for early guests! There will also be a Goth Prom photo booth!

Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/223688821034840/

Directions to the Oval: From the 116th street 1 train, walk north one block to 117th street, enter the Barnard campus gates on the West side of Broadway, then continue to walk north inside Barnard's campus. Head into the new-looking red building called the Diana and go down one flight of stairs.

See you there!

Zoe's Three Reasons Why She is Obsessed with Zelda

Anyone who knows me can attest to my Zelda obsession. After watching my brother play The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on Christmas back in '97, I had to have a turn, and ever since then, I've been in love with every part of the franchise: the characters, the dungeons, and the music OH MAN the music. To me, playing a new Zelda game for the very first time is a sort of religious experience. The one I had with the latest game, Skyward Sword, this past weekend, approached gaming nirvana. Here are 3 reasons why.

The Story

One of the reasons the Zelda franchise is so good is its lore: how Link from Ocarina of Time is referenced repeatedly in The Wind Waker, or how Twilight Princess alludes to A Link From the Past. Skyward Sword puts story paramount, explaining the origins of oft-wondered-about things like link's green uniform, Ganon and the Master Sword. As a prequel to the series, Skyward Sword has this really terrific mythic air to it - leading me to play one night for 5 hours straight - and all to get through mayyyybe 15 percent.

The Gameplay
I was most nervous about this going in - moving from the fairly static, simplistic controls of previous consoles to the motion control of the Wii was an intimidating shift, and I wasn't sure I wanted a change from the target-and-attack system from Ocarina of Time. But once I realized that Link would mirror my every move - and enemies could dodge and attack from every direction, fighting monsters became so much more interactive and strategic. Now, knocking out a bat makes you feel accomplished (although I can't vouch for that in real life). There's also plenty of exploration and character development - in addition to the teeming town of Skyloft, there are floating islands and a decently sized overworld. The dungeons are just as strong as ever (and with great bosses), and make use of every tool in your arsenal, eschewing the find an item-use it in the dungeon-forget about it pattern of earlier games. And the pacing is for the most part smooth and compelling - although I could have done without the fetch-questing and the insistence of hunting for items with your sword.

The Music
I'm just going to leave this here.

The game is currently back at home in Baltimore, because if I took it to Barnard I'd get nothing done and fail all my finals. That said, when I go home for break, I'm gonna play this bad boy, and you should too!

Josh Faber's Advice on How to Survive the Holidays with Your Family

Here's how the internet can help you ignore family squabblings during your thanksgiving break:

You start off with some thanksgiving day content


and then in the corner of your eye a recommended video appears


At this point uncle Larry has gotten into the second case of Budweiser and your room is the only safe-haven between you and failed college stories of when he was your age

How to Increase Your Wi-Fi Signal

You then want to see what your high school friends have been up to since college life has started

Punk Rockers Can't Dance

and it all gets topped off, as it always seems to, by a wacky commercial

Giga Pudding

[editor's note: This would have been more relevant last week but my gmail account is out to get me and sent Josh's emails to spam. There is still plenty more family time to come this holiday season, so I'm sure the advice will still help.]

Grace’s Greatest Christmas Song Ever – A Poll

Thanksgiving’s not even here yet, but a trip to Duane Reade today reminded me that Christmas decorations are already up. So, I was going to write this about The Greatest Christmas Song Ever In Human History. But, lovely wbar.org reader, there’s a problem. There are two ‘Grace’s Favorite Christmas Song Ever’s , And I can’t decide which is The Greatest.

The Pogues – Fairytale of New York

A song from 1987 about alcoholism, drug overdose, broken dreams, & dead relationships sung by the gravel-voiced Shane MacGowan doesn’t seem like a modern chart topper. Despite all that, Fairytale of New York regularly charts in the UK Top 20 during the holidays. For a damn good reason – it’s beyond impeccable. It’s sad, evocative, hopeful, and angry and it makes you want to yell out all the lyrics and ahhhh you guys I love this song so much.

Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You

Ms. Carey (aka Queen of My Heart) floods radio airwaves with this one every single December and it’s the one of the best parts of the season. It’s tacky, joyous, unabashed pop and it makes you want to do Mariah karaoke and dance forever and ahhhh I love this one so much too.

Pogues or Mariah? UK or US? Tin whistle or whistle register? I literally can’t pick. Help me out, wbros!

Best Christmas Song Ever
Fairytale of New York
All I Want For Christmas Is You