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YAO MY WBABES AND WBROS! its the first installation in a slew of our staff-generated top 5's, features, reviews, and the like. this is a TOP 5 MIXTAPES IN ROTATION list, mostly rap, my favorites from 2011 (so far! year's not over and october is my yam). hopefully there will be a few beats on there that you're happy to recognize, and a few that throw a wrench in the gears of your associational processes. for all the goofiness on these tapes, there is a lotta ginuwine virtuosity too - and mixtapes are just the best. WE OUT HERE.


i think this dude is the eminent lyricist of our generation. he also does infinitely impressive justice to some of LAs best beats, the ones u would never think u would want to hear a rapper on. he's lowkey - he just posted this tape to his tumblr saying "i recommend you listen on mute" - but don't, that's just some charming self-conscious shit, TURN IT UP. i can't say too much else, except that it's really goddam intelligent so there's no guilty-pleasure factor, which is more than i can say for some of these tapes...
DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?3wl3iumvokmkfa8
additional readings: his elliot blaqbird / G7projects are also keepers - he uses radiohead as a beat on "MORE THROWAWAYS" :) ::)) :::))) !!!

space like sun ra, ghost like swayze, purrp like leaaan. i love a rapper who starts a lot of verses with his name. i also love dj screw. muney jordan aka SGP embraces both of these legacies. as to whether or not u need to be high to like his music: "when you're sober you're gonna like it. but when you're high--you know how when you watch a 3D movie without the glasses? you put on the glasses and what happens?" if u have never tried codeine before, you might not see the depth of such track titles as "i love lean" and "i love lesbians" and "smoke yo purrp" ... but srsly, codeine is only for when u have a dry cough.
DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?8esi7s4ejprgjxj
additional readings: peep his latest mixtape BLACKLAND RADIO 66.6 (and no, he's not copying odd future with the 666 thing, it's deeper than that. smøk3.)

he slurs, hes hails from brooklyn, he may or may not condone getting suuuper wasted. obvious standout is Huzzah which seems to be eXquire's favorite thing to name a track (there's a part 2 at least plus remixes). if u know about eX it's probably from seeing the Huzzah video, which features a lotta bottles and booties clappin. fux wit the original track, its better than the remix (get out of here das racist! shoo! didn't u notice eXquire's "fake patois"??)
DOWNLOAD: http://mishkanyc.bandcamp.com/album/mr-muthafuckin-exquire-lost-in-translation (it's free just reply to the email)
additional readings: do thyself a favor and watch the Huzzah video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bzoyVKZaL4

this mixtape was a free gift from jonwayne to the peoples, a collection of some beats he got from some of LAs chillest producer-dudes (flying lotus, samiyam, dibiase, &mfc.) as well as some production gems from jonwayne himself. he goes personal on this one. the wayniac has been focusing on releasing his beats up until now though apparently a vocal album is in the works. not that he cares. wediiiidit.
DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?1juujejnzuaa3vg
additional readings: keepa lookout for his Oct 25 "DEATH OF ANDREW" release - no raps but should be some killer beats brah!

u might already know (apparently he's got like 3 million last.fm listens jeez that's 25% of weird al's 12 million listens, you're doin it bro!) but i wanted to make sure i gave a nod to this new bunch of crooners who are gettin me excited about our generation's soulful potential. the weeknd is in with drake (OVO = WINNING!), and i love toronto, and its all around close to my heart ... AND he samples beach house lol so cute!
DOWNLOAD: http://the-weeknd.com (clicka link to download)
additional readings: ECHOES OF SILENCE comes out on october 24th.

that's it guys! you all can "THANK ME LATER" but until then, "TAKE CARE" (out on 11-15-2011) !!

By Ian Simon (one of your Urban Music Directors)


This Thursday (10/6) and Friday (10/7) tune in to WBAR to win an All Access pass to CMJ Music Marathon 2011! [$500 retail value]

We're having two separate giveaways - the first during Rian R. and Sam S.'s show, Pope or No Pope, Thursday at 6PM, and the second during Zoe C.'s show, The Beastly Feastly, Friday at 8PM. Tune in to find out how to win! Our in-studio phone number is 212-854-4773.


WBAR Back on the Air Tonight (9/29)

It's been a long journey, but we're finally back. Tune in! Click to the left (download it to iTunes)! See you on the other side!

P.S. - If you're a DJ and you haven't been receiving emails from Chuck, check your spam folder ASAP!


Introduction to Our New Website


My name's Cody, le Webmaster / Tech Director for WBAR, here to explain what you should expect to see on our new website and what the new website means for the future of WBAR.

The left sidebar is gonna be pretty static. It will have links to our social media dens and either a link to the WSTREAM or a link for show applications as it does right now.... so apply!!!

the right sidebar will have all the important WBAR dates that every DJ should keep up with, like DJ training hours, IN-STUDIO performances, WBAR CONCERTS, FREE CONCERT TICKETS (we give away free tickets to shows at places like Bowery, Terminal, etc because we love you so much) and kickball games against other radio stations.
If you are a dj, the right sidebar is where you will click to create to fill out your playlist, which will be sent to CMJ because that's how we get more promotional cds in the mail.

This middle part will be filled with staff updates on the radio station, including new in studio performances, WBARBQ information, staff openings, youtubes, and hopefully some corgis.

The top has navigation for accessing all the information you want, like what shows are playing, listening to old programs via our archive, fliers for upcoming events, and how you can get a hold of anyone on staff.

The past few years WBAR found itself in quagmires of lost passwords, poor timings, and shoddy servers. WBAR is a family, we all came to WBAR so we could play the music we wanted to hear - the ethos of college radio. We are bringing you a better radio station, starting with this new website.

WBAR staff